✺ solar eclipse expedition


14-22 August 2017

join a small group of creative explorers as we travel across the spectacular deserts, forests and mountains of Western America to witness one of nature’s most incredible sights: a total solar eclipse

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104-page retrospective book (2006-2016)
first edition of 1000
170mm x 240mm
printed with vegetable-based inks on FSC-certified paper made from 100% post-consumer waste

in 2006 we published our first fanzine and began a journey into science and culture. from the depths of interstellar space to the limitless subatomic horizons of particle physics to the most beautiful places on our planet, we’ve been privileged to spend the past decade exploring the wonders and aesthetics of science from a creative standpoint

full of short stories and facts, ten is more than just a retrospective of our work. it’s a visual record of where science has taken us all in the last decade – told through 100 beautiful images from the worlds of astronomy, chemistry, mineralogy, physics, ecology, biology… and beyond

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Platular ring by Noemi Klein

Platular ring by Noemi Klein

inspired by the intersection of earthly geology and crystalline geometry, Noemi Klein crafts intricate pieces in a range of fine metals. in her Epoch 5 collection, geological structures in the form of precious mineral clusters crystallise the natural environment and provide a sharp physical alternative to the ethereal and sensory world of the eye

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2016 Icelandic expedition

photo by Tom Sewell

7-12 September 2016

as late summer lingers over the North Atlantic, join a small group of like-minded creative explorers as we travel across, around and underneath Iceland in search of the Northern Lights and other natural wonders in our most ambitious Icelandic adventure to date

amid the stark beauty of the country’s surreal landscapes, we’ll spend the dark nights watching for the Aurora Borealis and the days exploring the country’s geological, volcanic and natural diversity. we’ll hike to towering glaciers, visit slumbering volcanoes, watch erupting geysers, relax in natural hot springs, venture behind tumbling waterfalls and descend under the surface of Iceland’s constantly shifting topography

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☼♀ Worlds in Transit exhibition

© Cat Stevens

6-9 June 2013 | Wayward Gallery | 47 Mowlem Street | London

last summer, we invited a group of artists, filmmakers, astronomers, photographers, choreographers and curators to journey to the remote wilderness of northern Sweden to witness a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event: the Transit of Venus. their observations and artistic output from the expedition now form the basis of a publication and exhibition, launching in London one year on from the Transit

choreographer/artist Nissa Nishikawa filmed a site-specific performance in the forest, set to music composed by Ebe Oke. Cat Stevens and Archie McLeish will show photographs from the days surrounding the event, while filmmakers Kathryn Ferguson, Loren Filis and Fritz Stolberg used the Transit as a backdrop for new work. the exhibition will also feature artwork by Hazel France, Karima AdebibeNatalie Wills and Rebecca Lynch

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print by Ryan Thompson from the series Dark Flight
archival pigment on acid free cotton rag paper
406mm x 508mm
edition of 100

within one of the most well-known collections of meteorites in the world, at the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University, there is an uncatalogued collection of rocks of mistaken identity. once identified by professional and amateur meteorite hunters as meteorites, these specimens were later proven to have terrestrial origins. Meteorwrongs is an original photo print featuring 21 of these false positives. they range in size from just a few inches to more than one foot in diameter and they all have one thing in common – they are not meteorites. the collection stands as a testament to the evolution of the science of meteoritics and to the limits of human knowledge

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TOOLKIT: Dr Michael Pittman


Thursday 3 December 2015

we’re beyond excited to announce our first Hong Kong event: an evening with dinosaur discoverer Dr Michael Pittman. part of a new series we’re starting called TOOLKIT, the hands-on talk will feature the HKU palaeontologist discussing his work in the Gobi Desert and the tools he uses. you’ll get the chance to check out actual dinosaur bones and the various brushes, hammers, chisels, picks and other gear essential for a successful dino dig

time: doors 7pm talk from 7:30pm
cost: free but please RSVP
venue: ACO 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Exit B of Causeway Bay MTR station, opposite Tin Lok Lane)
language: English

Second Home: Life on Mars

Mars colony

Thursday 16 July 2015
7-9pm | free

with Spacex, NASA, Mars One and MarsPolar all setting their sights on the Red Planet, the coming decades could see the first crewed expeditions to Mars – and because of the vast distances involved we could be there to stay. so what would a small settlement and off-planet society be like? join leading astrobiologist Dr Louisa Preston and prospective Mars settlers Maggie Lieu and Clare Weedon as we explore the daunting challenges but incredible potential of life on another world

RSVP via Second Home

Second Home
68-80 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL

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where next?

New Horizons

Wednesday 15 July 2015
7pm | free

when NASA’s New Horizons zips past Pluto on July 14th, the ‘classical’ solar system will be completely (if not comprehensively) explored. in a sense, the exciting first chapter in the history of deep space exploration will draw to close – but at the same time, new spacecraft, telescopes and instruments are poised to open up new vistas, allowing us to gaze further than we ever thought possible – perhaps, even, to the very beginning of time

so where will we go next, and how will artists respond to this vast new palette? join super/collider and BREESE LITTLE for an evening at the cutting edge of science, space, art and imagination

30b Great Sutton Street
London EC1V ODU

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Voyager: The Grand Tour

Voyager Martin Eberle

by Martin Eberle
three hardcover books in a slipcase
320 pages total
22.5 × 29cm
edition of 300

an epic new publication that bridges the gap between science, photography and cultural history. in this incredible three band volume, author and photographer Martin Eberle shines a light on one of humanity’s greatest adventures – the Voyager mission

with the sober insight of the 21st century, Eberle documents and recapitulates this self-intoxicated pinnacle of the space age in three meticulous volumes. places, protagonists and technologies are vividly revisited, and the mission’s self-referential messages to the Earth’s inhabitants are resolved pictorially and textually

volume one tells the scientific background of the mission and its extraterrestrial message, volume two exhaustively compiles the ‘images on Earth’ etched on the fabled Golden Record while volume three presents images from Eberle’s photographic journey to the scientific institutions in California, which to this day continue to supervise the twin Voyager probes on their voyage into the unknown

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Bad Luck, Hot Rocks


edited by Ryan Thompson and Phil Orr
144 pages / 7.5 x 10.5 in. / paperback
140 colour photographs

the Petrified Forest National Park in Northeast Arizona protects one of the largest deposits of petrified wood in the world. despite stern warnings, visitors remove several tons of it from the park each year, often returning the rocks by mail (sometimes years later), accompanied by a “conscience letter” which often includes stories of misfortune attributed directly to their theft: car troubles, cats with cancer, deaths of family members, etc

some writers hope that by returning these stolen rocks, good fortune will return to their lives, while others simply apologise or ask forgiveness. Bad Luck, Hot Rocks documents this ongoing phenomenon, combining a series of original photographs of these otherworldly “bad luck rocks” with facsimiles of intimate, oddly entertaining letters from the park’s archives

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Space Life


spiral-bound exhibition catalog
★ only five copies in stock ★

recently shown at the Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul, Space Life presented a total of 107 works, including 30 works by seven contemporary artist teams and 77 selected photos from the NASA collection. super/collider has obtained five copies of the exhibition catalog – a true collector’s item and a must-own for space/art fans

ships globally from Hong Kong

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pop/up science shop


Sunday 19 April 2015
11am to 7pm
Boxpark, Shoreditch

our traveling pop-up science shop returns this week with everything from clothing and jewellery to limited-edition publications and prints from brands and people including

Tessa Edwards
Valerie Phillips
Dave Cuvelot / Astronomika
Loren Filis
Simon Vince
Magnetic Zeroes
Present & Correct
& more

it’s all part of Digital Shoreditch’s busy residency at the space – see you down there!

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giclée inkjet print by Simon Vince
297 × 420 mm
200gsm cartridge paper
edition of 30

a hand-signed lunar print by Simon Vince

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Mirror Mountain

an ethereal dream unfolding high atop the world, in the windswept silence that lies beyond the afterfuture. a vision at the intersection of earthly geology and crystalline geometry, earth and sky

limited edition photographs and jewellery featured in this story are available for purchase

photography: Cat Stevens
jewellery: Noemi Klein
layout: Carol Montpart

with thanks to Nathan at FUJIFILM UK

sample of the week: “Kryptonite”


this week’s #CrystalsandMineralsMonth sample comes courtesy of Amy Freeborn, an in-house writer at the Natural History Museum who’s awesome job it is to tell the stories behind the museum’s collection. just one example is the innocuous-looking sample shown: a piece of jadarite discovered in Serbia in 2006. a white-ish mineral composed of sodium, lithium, boron silicate and hydroxide – pretty standard, right? except that when NHM mineral expert Dr Chris Stanley found the specimen’s make-up didn’t match anything else known to science, he looked up the mineral’s combination of chemical elements and made a strange discovery

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Crystallite stud earrings by Noemi Klein

Noemi Klein

a sparkling cluster of tiny crystals in gold or silver. inspired by the intersection of earthly geology and crystalline geometry, Noemi Klein crafts intricate pieces in a range of fine metals. in her Epoch 5 collection, geological structures in the form of precious mineral clusters crystallise the natural environment and provide a sharp physical alternative to the ethereal and sensory world of the eye

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nebula towel


100% cotton
180cm x 120cm
1,620,000 dpm resolution
available in two designs

slick Swiss brand Schönstaub creates ultra high resolution towels and rugs featuring some of the universe’s most awe-inspiring nebulae – perfect for your next out of this world holiday. super soft, super big, super comfy, super galactic

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solar eclipse viewing

solar eclipse

Friday 20 March 2015

join super/collider and friends on the rooftop of Shoreditch House for East London’s best view of the upcoming partial solar eclipse – a rare chance to see the Moon pass in front of the sun to create a crescent. we’ll be watching as the Moon first appears on the sun at 8:25am and reaches maximum coverage at 9:30am before moving off at 10:40am – so stop by to see this rare and ‘second most spectacular’ of cosmic alignments – exceeded only by an awe-inspiring total eclipse! we’ll supply everything you need to safely watch the action, along with some creative ways of viewing the sun

event runs 8am-11am, maximum ‘awesomeness’ is at 9:30am

we regret that our guestlist for this event is now closed. if you are a member of Shoreditch House you can just rock up

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko vs Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.35.59