Micro Museum of Sleep


we’ve teamed up with our pals at Bompas & Parr to explore the world of dreams for citizenM. one of the world’s smallest museums, this tiny temple (designed by Bompas&Parr) allows guests to peer inside and explore the science of sleep in a series of miniature dioramas we created. working with an astronomer, two artists and a neuroscientist, our contribution to the Micro Museum of Sleep celebrates the science and significance of slumber through a variety of artistic mediums

the surreal and otherworldly nature of sleep – a period where we mentally enter a personal universe for up to eight hours per day – is the focus of a diorama representing the Mesopotamian God of Dreams created by Olivia Bargman. the diorama is paired with an animation by video artist Alice Dunseath where we see an abstract interpretation of the sights and sounds we experience whilst in a restful dream-like state. a thought-provoking vision of future sleep by astronomer Dr Marek Kukula imagines what a night would be like in zero gravity, and the final video examines the physiology of sleep, as told by neuroscientist Dr Simon Jones, discussing the many theories about how your brain behaves during nocturnal hours

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Tuesday 13 September 2016

in September 2006 we published our first zine and began a journey into science and culture. since then we’ve taken creative types to Iceland and Tenerife in search of natural and scientific wonders, explored design vs science, watched the Transit of Venus in Sweden, visited CERN in Switzerland and Super K in Japan, held a conference about greening space exploration, explored the history of space booze in Mexico, published a book about crystals, camped in a concrete utopia in the Arizona desert and partied on an environmental research ship

plus a bunch of other stuff

join us next month to celebrate a decade of discerning science with the launch of a retrospective book, ten

Ace Hotel London
100 Shoreditch High Street / E1 6JQ
7-11pm / music from BEAT Magazine’s Hanna Hanra

is our universe a hologram?

image by Matthew T. DiVito / http://mrdiv.tumblr.com/

Tuesday 20 September 2016

join Dr. Andrew O’Bannon on a journey to the cutting edge of theoretical physics. holography is the bold idea that all the information in our 3D universe may be contained in a mysterious 2D image, like a hologram. promising not only to unite Einstein’s relativity with quantum physics, it also has the potential to provide us with cleaner energy, faster computers, and novel electronics

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 | book here

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rooftop astronomy at Ace Hotel

with the skies getting darker earlier, our ever-popular astronomy nights are back high atop the Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. come take a close up look at the planets, the lunar surface and other wonders through the hotel’s in-house 203mm Dobsonian telescope, customised by super/collider

the season kicked off on August 9th with a session featuring the Moon, Mars and Saturn overhead. the evening featured astronomer Jeni Millard, art installations from Isobel Church and Dario Villanueva and a talk by Louise Alexander, a planetary scientist from the University of Birkbeck

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as the nights draw in, join super/collider and guests for a season exploring the dark side…

Wednesday 3 August 2016

join Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomer Marek Kukula and curator Melanie Vandenbrouck at Second Home to explore the role of darkness in art and science. blackness can reveal as well as conceal: today’s astronomers seek out the darkest sites on Earth in order to see further into the universe, while the Hubble Space Telescope’s 10-day stare into the darkness in 1995 produced the dazzling vista of the Hubble Deep Field

from art to astronomy and beyond, Marek and Melanie will trace the changing face of darkness from its traditional use as a symbol of the mysterious and unknown to the modern day quest for ultimate darkness in the form of Surrey NanoSystems’s ultra-dark Vantablack coating

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 / book now

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at the edge of uncertainty


Wednesday 6 July 2016

quantum physicist Dr Michael Brooks is an author, broadcaster and journalist who has spent much of his career looking beyond the boundaries of our scientific understanding. join us at Second Home for an insightful exploration into subjects that still challenge our understanding of the universe. Dr Brooks will touch on topics such as the nature of time and consciousness and offer us his thoughts on what the future of knowledge will look like

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 / book now

2016 Icelandic expedition

photo by Tom Sewell

7-12 September 2016

as late summer lingers over the North Atlantic, join a small group of like-minded creative explorers as we travel across, around and underneath Iceland in search of the Northern Lights and other natural wonders in our most ambitious Icelandic adventure to date

amid the stark beauty of the country’s surreal landscapes, we’ll spend the dark nights watching for the Aurora Borealis and the days exploring the country’s geological, volcanic and natural diversity. we’ll hike to towering glaciers, visit slumbering volcanoes, watch erupting geysers, relax in natural hot springs, venture behind tumbling waterfalls and descend under the surface of Iceland’s constantly shifting topography

join the waiting list

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harnessing the sublime


Wednesday 1 June 2016

fascinated by the acoustic and astronomical features of ancient monuments, Dr Simon Jones invites you on a journey to the world’s sacred sites. learn how the Aztecs, Incas and others harnessed the sublime in order to bolster their priesthoods’ claims to act as intermediates between the Earth and the heavens

trained as an auditory neuroscientist, Dr Jones is an associate editor at Springer Nature and an avid traveller who has experienced the mysterious effects of many of Central America’s best preserved pyramids firsthand

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 / book now

brewing up a storm


Wednesday 8 June 2016

join Professor Joanna Haigh from Imperial College London and super/collider for an evening exploring our planet’s changing climate

come make your own cyanotype print of a Pacific island at threat from sea level rise before settling down to hear Joanna discuss why our climate is changing and how physics can help to predict our planet’s future. Brewing up a Storm is part of the Institute of Physics Summer Sessions and is open to all – no physics knowledge is necessary

drinks and snacks are available at the talk and attendance is free – just make sure to register beforehand

canalside steps, Granary Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AA
free | book here

the plant whisperer


Wednesday 4 May 2016

join super/collider at Second Home to gain an insight into artist Kasia Molga‘s practice, which encourages plants to draw. as part of the World Wilder Lab project, Kasia and her colleagues have been interacting with plants using hacking techniques. the multi-media artist describes herself as an environmentalist, hactivist and designer concerned with changes in our relationship with ecology in an increasingly technologically mediated world

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 / book now


living photographs


Wednesday 6 April 2016

join super/collider at Second Home for a discussion between artist Alice Cazenave, materials maestro Seetal Solanki, microbiologist Dr. Simon Park and artist Melanie King about light sensitive materials in the natural world, techniques for printing on leaves and bacteria which responds to light

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street / London / E1 5JL
£5 / book now

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TOOLKIT: Dr Benoit Guénard


Tuesday 22 March 2016

our second TOOLKIT night in Hong Kong will feature ecologist Dr Benoit Guénard talking about his work studying ant biodiversity and showing us the various tools he uses in the field. how can some regions of the world sustain thousands of species while others have only a few dozen? what effects do human changes have on species richness and composition – and what can ants tell us about biodiversity? join us as we explore these questions and more at ACO in Wan Chai

time: doors 7pm talk from 7:30pm
cost: free but please RSVP
venue: ACO 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Exit B of Causeway Bay MTR station, opposite Tin Lok Lane)
language: English


Hughes_Untitled, from NEOP, 2015_2

opening today in Berlin, Aether brings together a number of international artists and photographers inspired by astronomy. curated by super/collider’s Louise Beer and Melanie King, who also heads up the London Alternative Photography Collective, the exhibition showcases various methods of photography; both experimental and direct, real and imagined. we caught up with Melanie to find out more

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exploring the invisible


Wednesday 2 March 2016

bioluminescent bacteria are the most widely distributed light-emitting organisms on Earth. experienced up close, bioluminescence is a powerful and refined light: cold but beguiling. in his practice, Dr Simon Park has used bacterial bioluminescence beyond rigorous scientific research and in this talk will explore his long-standing investigation into the aesthetics of bacterial bioluminescence and how he has used this organic form of light as a unique medium to disclose some of nature’s most vital yet often unseen events

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL
free but RSVP required

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Women of Rock


25 September – 30 October 2015

private view 24 September
Print House Gallery 18 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL

science in general and geology in particular have long been dominated by the male gender. some
modern day geologists have adopted an Indiana Jones Type A personality, lending their expertise to oil companies and mining concerns; venturing to the far reaches of the planet in a machismo race for resources. at the other extreme, the stereotype of the geeky mineral collector is inevitably male – yet over the past few years a distinctly female fascination with geology, minerals and meteorites has emerged. in this mixed media group show, creative science agency super/collider showcases some of the beguiling results

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TOOLKIT: Dr Michael Pittman


Thursday 3 December 2015

we’re beyond excited to announce our first Hong Kong event: an evening with dinosaur discoverer Dr Michael Pittman. part of a new series we’re starting called TOOLKIT, the hands-on talk will feature the HKU palaeontologist discussing his work in the Gobi Desert and the tools he uses. you’ll get the chance to check out actual dinosaur bones and the various brushes, hammers, chisels, picks and other gear essential for a successful dino dig

time: doors 7pm talk from 7:30pm
cost: free but please RSVP
venue: ACO 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Exit B of Causeway Bay MTR station, opposite Tin Lok Lane)
language: English

light play

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.41.27

Sunday 1 November 2015

join us at TATE Britain with The People’s Bureau for a hands on workshop investigating the properties of light. artist Jordan Soderberg Mills will work with super/collider’s Melanie King and Louise Beer to help you make your own photographs with a variety of prisms and light refracting objects

All Tomorrow’s Publishers


Saturday 17 October 2015
Peckham Pelican | 12-5pm

join super/collider at the Peckham Pelican for All Tomorrow’s Publishers, a weekend fair showcasing independent publishers as part of the week-long Literary Kitchen Festival. we’ll be selling a selection of printed science/culture radness, including some titles which aren’t currently available on our discerning online shop

Future Artefacts

FA_Invite 1

23-25 October 2015

following on from All Tomorrow’s Publishers, we’ll be setting up shop at Future Artefacts – a (frankly amazing looking) event dedicated to the future of physical media, with some the London’s most progressive music, arts, publishing and fashion brands bringing exclusive products. the main fair will be enhanced by live music, club nights, panel talks, film screenings and artisan food and drink

super/collider X Babington House


Monday 12 October 2015
rooftop | 7pm

join us for a very special evening in the countryside at Babington House with astronomer Paul Hill. with the planet Uranus closest to the Earth all year on this exact date, we’ll aim the telescope at this fascinating blue world. we’ll also be discussing the history of the Herschel family, and how Uranus was discovered from nearby Bath

house members only this time. to apply for membership, visit www.babingtonhouse.co.uk

dark matter


Wednesday 9 September 2015
7.30-9.30pm | free

the next instalment of super/collider at Second Home sees Dr Chamkaur Ghag exploring one of the biggest challenges in modern science: understanding the nature of dark matter. this mysterious substance makes up 85% of the universe’s mass, but it has never been observed and we’re not sure what it’s made of. scientists are operating cutting-edge instruments around the world in deep underground laboratories, in mines or under mountains, in an attempt to detect this elusive substance. Dr Ghag will describe where we stand, and how close we may be to finding out more

RSVP via Second Home

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arctic light

29-30 August 2015
SALT Festival, Sandhornøya, Norway

for thousands of years people have followed the movement of animals and the seasonal rhythms in the Arctic landscape. the nomadic SALT is inspired by and moves in that same landscape with care and respect. with Sandhornøya bathed in summer light, super/collider invites local children and their parents to come explore shadows, light, chemistry and image-making amid the stunning surroundings of northern Norway. participants will have the opportunity to learn about how light creates photographs, explore the site and capture their own ‘cyanotype’ prints using the sun and shadows

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everyday aliens

slime mould

Sunday 30 August 2015

slime moulds are intelligent lifeforms which have intrigued scientists across the world with their impressive capacity to make decisions, solve problems and learn from their environment. join super/collider and artist Heather Barnett on board The Floating Cinema for a slime mould workshop and screening of the documentary The Creeping Garden. in this special workshop and screening, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the mysterious behaviour of these beautiful brainless blobs firsthand – and take home an unusual pet

workshop booking
film screening booking

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a sartorial history of the spacesuit


Friday 4 September 2015

one of the most advanced fashion accessories ever created, the spacesuit serves as a miniature spaceship to keep astronauts alive in the cold, hostile vacuum of space. since the 1950s, this space age icon has also influenced fashion designers here on Earth. at this unique and intimate event, space expert Dallas Campbell will explore the history of the spacesuit beyond our atmosphere while fashion journalist Daryoush Haj-Najafi will examine its influence on designers from Pierre Cardin to Thom Browne back here on our home planet. there will also be an opportunity to view an actual spacesuit up close that has survived a trip to space

Second Home
68 Hanbury Street, London E1 5JL

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The Visit

Sunday 23 August 2015

join super/collider and The Floating Cinema for an evening of open air screenings and hands-on workshops exploring the extraterrestrial. we’ll hear from Professor Martin Hendry about relativity, gaze at our nearest star with astronomer Paul Hill and explore how the Earth is preparing for first contact with Scandinavian documentary-style film The Visit

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volcano illustration workshop at Ditto Press


Wednesday 26 August 2015
6.30-9.30pm | £35

join super/collider and Ditto Press for an evening of illustration and science, focused on the subject of volcanoes

the evening will begin with a fifteen minute presentation about the history of volcanoes in art. you’ll then have the chance to learn illustration techniques from illustrator Olivia Bargman and create your own volcanic print. at the end of the workshop, Ditto will then transform your work in to a unique two-colour Risograph print

RSVP via Ditto Press

Perseid Meteor Shower at Soho Farmhouse


Thursday 13 August 2015

join us for a very special Pop Up Astronomy Club at Soho House’s new country manor. amid the rolling hills of Oxfordshire under clear, dark skies we’ll be joined by our favourite astronomer, Paul Hill, for the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. thanks to the timing of the New Moon, this is the perfect time and place to spot meteors gracing our atmosphere. there will also be the opportunity to hold a meteorite from Paul Hill’s collection in your hands

this one is for Soho/Shoreditch House members only, but we hope to expand this for future events at Farmhouse

Shoreditch House: Pop Up Astronomy

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 11.45.11

Saturday 8 August 2015
rooftop | 9pm

join us for Pop Up Astronomy Club on the lazy lawn at Shoreditch House with astronomer Paul Hill. we’ll be aiming the telescope at Saturn, which will be low on the southern horizon. if you’ve never see this incredible planet and its ring system up close, don’t miss this one

members can just turn up, but we have a couple of spare guestlist spaces available too. email melanie@super-collider.com to find out more

Second Home: Life on Mars

Mars colony

Thursday 16 July 2015
7-9pm | free

with Spacex, NASA, Mars One and MarsPolar all setting their sights on the Red Planet, the coming decades could see the first crewed expeditions to Mars – and because of the vast distances involved we could be there to stay. so what would a small settlement and off-planet society be like? join leading astrobiologist Dr Louisa Preston and prospective Mars settlers Maggie Lieu and Clare Weedon as we explore the daunting challenges but incredible potential of life on another world

RSVP via Second Home

Second Home
68-80 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL

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where next?

New Horizons

Wednesday 15 July 2015
7pm | free

when NASA’s New Horizons zips past Pluto on July 14th, the ‘classical’ solar system will be completely (if not comprehensively) explored. in a sense, the exciting first chapter in the history of deep space exploration will draw to close – but at the same time, new spacecraft, telescopes and instruments are poised to open up new vistas, allowing us to gaze further than we ever thought possible – perhaps, even, to the very beginning of time

so where will we go next, and how will artists respond to this vast new palette? join super/collider and BREESE LITTLE for an evening at the cutting edge of science, space, art and imagination

30b Great Sutton Street
London EC1V ODU

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Celestial Bodies

Naked Boys Reading © Christa Holka

Friday 3 July 2015

we’re teaming up with Naked Boys Reading for a sultry summer evening of Celestial Bodies

expanding on the cult literary night’s oddly-popular format of dudes delivering readings in the buff, we’ll be checking out Jupiter, Venus and Saturn through the Ace Hotel’s girthy new in-house telescope and hearing from naked readers about the various celestial bodies and their influence on poetry and literature

RSVP via the Ace

Planets Align

Venus Jupiter conjunction

Wednesday 1 July 2015
8pm | free

come take a look at Venus and Jupiter through the Ace Hotel’s new in-house 203mm Dobsonian telescope, customised by super/collider. we’ll be joined by astronomer Paul Hill, who will talk about the significance of this celestial happening, with Venus and Jupiter hanging close together in the evening sky. through the telescope, we’ll show you the crescent shape of Venus, the four largest moons of Jupiter and, if the conditions are right, clouds bands on the giant gas planet

free but numbers are very limited so please RSVP

previous event at the Ace: Saturn Rising on Tuesday 16 June 2015

Champagne Supernova


Tuesday 26 May 2015

the first in a new series of events we’re curating at Second Home in London, Champagne Supernova will combine two nice things: science and champagne

first up, Dr Andrew Gregory will tell us about the 1054 supernova which was observed and recorded by Chinese astronomers and by other cultures around the world. his talk investigates the recording of the 1054 supernova and the cultural importance it had in the societies that recorded it and explores why this phenomenon went virtually unrecorded in the West

next, we’ll hear from Dr Steve Fossey, an astronomer based at UCL’s teaching observatory in NW London. in January 2014, during a routine telescope demonstration, Steve and his students were astonished to serendipitously discover a bright supernova – the closest in a generation – in the nearby galaxy known as Messier 82 aka the ‘Cigar Galaxy’. Steve will tell the story of that night and its aftermath: the race to report, and recent results that promise fresh insight into the nature of these cosmologically significant stellar explosions

at some point, there will be champagne

and it’s free – just RSVP

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Saturn Rising


Tuesday 16 June 2015
8pm | free

join us for a look at Saturn through the Ace Hotel’s new in-house 203mm Dobsonian telescope, customised by super/collider. astronomer Paul Hill will be on hand as we take a look at the massive planet, its rings and largest moon, Titan. the actual astronomy is, of course, weather dependent so we will also provide projections from Sian Erica Richards and a soundscape of recordings from the ringed planet – sounds of translated signals from Saturn’s atmosphere, interacting with the Voyager probe

free but numbers are very limited so please RSVP

next event at the Ace: Planets Align on Wednesday 1 July

satellite show

Hubble Show NYC

Friday 24 April 2015
Ace Hotel, New York

this Friday, we’ll be making our New York debut (from afar) as part of Ben Sisto’s Satellite Show – celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990. to mark the occasion, Brooklyn-based composer Ben Greenberg aka Hubble will play an orbit’s worth (97 minutes) of improvised music based loosely on a score by Ben, alongside an installation by Confection Ltd and a series of visuals we’ve curated showing the history of the telescope, its discoveries and possible future

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pop/up science shop


Sunday 19 April 2015
11am to 7pm
Boxpark, Shoreditch

our traveling pop-up science shop returns this week with everything from clothing and jewellery to limited-edition publications and prints from brands and people including

Tessa Edwards
Valerie Phillips
Dave Cuvelot / Astronomika
Loren Filis
Simon Vince
Magnetic Zeroes
Present & Correct
& more

it’s all part of Digital Shoreditch’s busy residency at the space – see you down there!

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solar eclipse viewing

solar eclipse

Friday 20 March 2015

join super/collider and friends on the rooftop of Shoreditch House for East London’s best view of the upcoming partial solar eclipse – a rare chance to see the Moon pass in front of the sun to create a crescent. we’ll be watching as the Moon first appears on the sun at 8:25am and reaches maximum coverage at 9:30am before moving off at 10:40am – so stop by to see this rare and ‘second most spectacular’ of cosmic alignments – exceeded only by an awe-inspiring total eclipse! we’ll supply everything you need to safely watch the action, along with some creative ways of viewing the sun

event runs 8am-11am, maximum ‘awesomeness’ is at 9:30am

we regret that our guestlist for this event is now closed. if you are a member of Shoreditch House you can just rock up

Laser Quest party pics

Photo by Amelia Karlsen

super/collider kicked off 2015 with a massively sold out celebration of lasers at the Ace Hotel, packing in three top laser plasma physicists, psychedelic tea from Bompas & Parr and music from To The Lazer Cave. photographers Amelia Karlsen and John Hooper captured all the action from our most epic-est night yet. take a look or head over to our Facebook to tag your friends, like yourself etc

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Laser Quest

laser quest

Thursday 8 January 2015

join super/collider and friends for an epic night of laser action, as we kick off the International Year of Light with the best kind of light: that of lasers! a celebration of lasers in all their glory, the evening will begin with a Laser Tea Ceremony by Bompas & Parr and end with a full audio-visual laser onslaught from cult promoters and DJs To The Lazer Cave

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cyanotype workshop

cyanotype print

Thursday 6 November 2014
& Wednesday 12 November 2014

a beautiful use of ammonium iron(III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide, cyanotype printing creates subtle blue photos and diagrams – leading to its use for creating blueprints and by the world’s first female photographer as a way to record botanical specimens

in the first in a series of workshops we’re doing with Ditto Press, we’ll show you how cyanotype chemistry works to create an insoluble prussian blue pigment, and explore how the technique has been used by artists and scientists alike. for inspiration, there will be a special viewing of the Thomas Mailaender exhibition at Ditto’s gallery, followed by a hands-on sessions where you’ll learn how to sensitise paper and experiment with different coating techniques to make your own cyanotype prints

for more info and to book, head on over to the Ditto website


Carl Guyenette

Saturday 4 October 2014

as part of this weekend’s Fun Palaces art-meets-science initiative, we’ve teamed up with The Floating Cinema to curate a waterbourne laboratory of interactive happenings centred around the human body. join artists Dario Villaneuva, Carl Guyenette, Sam Bartle and Rachel McGivern as we explore interactive interfaces between science and art, voice and movement, colour and sound. the afternoon-long event will be followed by a screening of director Patricio Guzmán’s critically-acclaimed Nostalgia for the Light – which examines the Atacama Desert through the twin lenses of astronomers probing the depths of space and those searching for relatives who were murdered during the Pinochet regime

free – more info and booking over at The Floating Cinema



Wednesday 18 June 2014

as the summer solstice approaches, join us as we dial down the ‘science’ and turn up the music for the unofficial super/collider summer party: an epic audio-visual battle between the moon and the sun

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M Dash Book Fair

Stour Space Book Fair

Saturday 3 May 2014

along with esteemed names like Mack and Book Works, we’ll be bringing some  printed matter down to the M Dash Book Fair at Stour Space this weekend. beyond books from our shop, we’ll also be representing our pals Luminous Books and Loophole Supplements, so pop along if you’re out East

Stour Space
7 Roach Road, London, E3 2PA

The Space Project

The Space Project

Tuesday 15 April 2014

in 1977, the twin Voyager probes set off for deep space. bearing their famous Golden Records, the two spacecraft not only carried the sounds of earth into the void, but also transmitted the sounds* of space back. now, with the Voyagers leaving our solar system, these otherworldly transmissions have been interwoven into original songs by 14 artists, including Spiritualized, Beach House, Mutual Benefit and Youth Lagoon. in collaboration with Fat Possum and Lefse Records, super/collider presents a voyage through interstellar sound to celebrate the release of The Space Project boxset

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
100 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JQ
see event pics on Facebook

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☼♀ Worlds in Transit exhibition

© Cat Stevens

6-9 June 2013 | Wayward Gallery | 47 Mowlem Street | London

last summer, we invited a group of artists, filmmakers, astronomers, photographers, choreographers and curators to journey to the remote wilderness of northern Sweden to witness a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event: the Transit of Venus. their observations and artistic output from the expedition now form the basis of a publication and exhibition, launching in London one year on from the Transit

choreographer/artist Nissa Nishikawa filmed a site-specific performance in the forest, set to music composed by Ebe Oke. Cat Stevens and Archie McLeish will show photographs from the days surrounding the event, while filmmakers Kathryn Ferguson, Loren Filis and Fritz Stolberg used the Transit as a backdrop for new work. the exhibition will also feature artwork by Hazel France, Karima AdebibeNatalie Wills and Rebecca Lynch

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we’ve just returned from scouting out locations for our upcoming fieldtrip to Tenerife. expect volcanoes, stars, whales, lava tubes, galaxies, dolphins, planets, sea turtles, BBQs, birdlife, botany and more – details coming real soon

Growing The Future


January/February 2014

as a new year dawns, super/collider will be exploring crystal cities and biological fashion in a series of workshops at Selfridges as part of their upcoming Festival of Imagination – giving you the chance to get hands-on with two forward-thinking approaches to fashion and architecture

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A Brief History of Drinking in Space


Sunday 2 February 2014

to date, there has been relatively little consumption of alcohol in space and on the moon, but that could be set to change. with space tourism taking off, new lunar missions on the horizon and manned expeditions aiming further into space – with all its stresses – could a new era of zero gravity libations be next?

join Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr and David Lane of The Gourmand for a speculative look and the past, present and future of alcohol in space. from Buzz Aldrin’s legendary Holy Communion on the moon to sherry experiments aboard Skylab and ceremonial ‘vodka’ consumption aboard the ISS, we’ll discuss the secret history of a slightly tipsy space age and ask what role our favourite poison will play in the future colonisation of the moon

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comet hunting


13 November 2013 | 5am

we’ll be getting up real early to look for not one, but four comets in the morning skies. as part of our ongoing PopUp Astronomy Club, we’ll be be trying to spot comets C/2012 S1 (ISON), C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy), C/2012 X1 (LINEAR) and 2P/Encke

latest update: the weather is looking perfect for an early-morning viewing session on Wednesday 13 November 2013. we’ll be meeting outside the Shacklewell Arms pub (71 Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, E8 2EB) at 5am sharp

besides this incredibly rare chance to see four comets in one morning, we’ll try to spot Mars and will definitely see Jupiter and its moons. if we’re lucky we may also see Mercury and the Orion Nebula

please RSVP if you’re planning to come along so we don’t forget you!

Perseids party!!!


Monday 12 August 2013
4am | Dalston Roof Park | E8 3DL

if you’re up very early (or out very late) next Monday, join us high atop Hackney at the Dalston Roof Park for the latest PopUp Astronomy Club party

from 4am til sunrise on Monday morning we’ll be watching for the peak of the annual Perseids Meteor Shower (aka shooting stars), which should be good this year due to lack of moon-age, plus the planets Jupiter, Mars and Mercury rising in the east. it should be a spectacular morning – if you can bear getting out of bed

please note this will not be so much a ‘party in the sense of people dancing to music’ but rather a ‘party in the sense of sitting quietly watching the sky’. also note the sky will look nothing like the image above

summer solstice party


Thursday 20 June 2013

as the summer nights stretch out into the small hours, we’ll be teaming up with the mighty solutionvsproblem to host a nite of solstice-fueled disco, space and balearic psych with a bit of neo sci-rave paganism thrown in for good measure

Ridley Road Market Bar | 49 Ridley Rd | London | E8 2NP

the International Space Orchestra

Ground Control

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Chris will be co-chairing a Q&A with the amazing Nelly Ben-Hayoun at Wednesday’s preview screening of The International Space Orchestra at Hackney Picture House. Nelly has spent the past year or so assembling a completely bonkers project involved members of NASA Ames Research Center, SETI, the International Space University, Damon Albarn, Bobby Womack, Bruce Sterling and Beck – we’re very much looking forward to seeing the results!

screening starts at 8:30 – tickets and info here

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book launch: An Introduction To Isomorphology


Saturday 23 March 2013

join us at EB&Flow Gallery for the launch of Gemma Anderson’s An Introduction To Isomorphology – a new way of seeing and classifying the natural world that draws on artistic and scientific practice. Gemma will be in conversation with mathematicians Tom Coates and Dorothy Buck talking about things like the topology of symplectic manifolds and algebraic varieties followed by drinks and the chance to see her ongoing exhibition

talk starts at 4:30pm | EB&Flow is located at 77 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

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designing the distant future

back in November, we were privileged to be involved in a workshop at CASS exploring design for the distant future. working with staff from the Interior Design BA course, we came up with a brief which challenged students to create a monument designed to be experienced 1000 years from now

thinking long-term, the students had to consider the qualities and performance of two structural materials: one well-known and trusted and the other more newer and more innovative. after researching these two materials, teams looked into global locations ranging from the coast of Iceland to the mountains of South America, taking into account future scenarios ranging from climate change to earthquakes. finally, the students had to dream up a purpose or reason for future visitors to seek out their structure

after an intense research session, the time came to stop reading and get hands-on building mock-ups and models showing the monuments. here’s just a sample – scroll down to read about the winners

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workshop: the monument

we’re super excited about our first-ever schools workshop, created in collaboration with London Metropolitan University’s Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design. all next week, students will be designing a physical monument for visitors to experience 1000 years from now. using different materials and restricted only by size (10m x 10m x 10m), they’ll consider what materials will last so long, where to site their structure and how future people will experience and interpret their monument

see the outcome of this workshop

TARA party!

Tara Party hosted by super/collider and AnOther

as part of the TARA’s recent stopover in London, super/collider and AnOther Magazine teamed up to host a little soirée on board the French environmental research ship, which is sponsored by fashion house agnès b

after some drinks and nibbles, captain Loic Vallette and chief scientist Chris Bowler gave a talk about the vessel’s recent plankton-sampling voyage before leading tours above and below decks. you can read our full piece for AnOther right here and scroll down to see Amelia Karlsen‘s lovely photographs of the evening

missed the boat? sign up for our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted on future events

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science printing workshop

23 October 2012

as part of the ün-establishment series we’ll be bringing our new Risograph printer down to the Nicholls & Clarke building in Shoreditch for a Tuesday afternoon of science, art & craft. join our expert teachers Nancy Straughan and Ciara Phelan and learn how to create patterns, prints, collages and illustrated work using science textbooks and imagery as inspiration – then create your own on-the-spot prints

PopUp Astronomy Club


a series of impromptu astronomy sessions around East London – staring up at the rings of Saturn, Jupiter’s moons, the lunar seas, Uranus (ha ha) and other stuff in space. sign up to the club’s Twitter feed or visit our project page to find out more


Jiggling Atoms

October 2012

Richard Feynman won the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work in particle physics – namely drawing diagrams. his magical insight was to visualise the complex mathematics of particle interactions as a series of simple paths on a page. Feynman was also a keen educator and was great at getting even the most ardent non-mathematicians to comprehend the many aspects of physics, which is exactly what the Jiggling Atoms team set out to do. they got a bunch of illustrators to attend a series of physics lectures and now they’re showcasing the work made in response in a big exhibition. there will also be a series of accompanying talks and workshops – look out for the Feynman Diagram Print Workshop and Handcrafted Particle Accelerator talks we are co-hosting on Thursday and Saturday. all the events are free and will take place at the Rag Factory from 1-7 October

Hewett Street Block Party

22 September 2012

our good pals and fellow science lovers Protein® are hosting the block party to end all block parties next weekend, and it literally will be the end because their entire block is being demolished 🙁

we’ll be selling discounted stuff from our shop and other assorted science crap, plus there’ll be stalls by  local designers, friends and family including: Not Another Bill, GetMe!, Jaguar Shoes Collective, Ditto Press and AC Projects – not to mention top-notch food, music, mirth etc

click here for all the info & hope to see you there!

TARA tour and talk

20 September 2012

after a voyage of some 62,000 nautical miles, the French environmental research vessel TARA will be pulling into St Katharine Docks in London this week. we’ll be co-hosting an exclusive evening tour and talk onboard the ship with AnOther Magazine and scientists from the TARA’s recent plankton-collecting expedition. you’ll be among the first to get a look round this incredible floating laboratory, but spaces are very limited due to the size of the ship

this is a free event and tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis. click here if you’d like to attend and we’ll let you know on Tuesday September 18

Science Fair™ – The Deep Future

24 September 2012

our long-running Science Fair™ series comes to a fitting grand finale with a look at the dim and distant future. join us as we turn the basement of The Book Club into a crystal-filled cave and journey beyond the year 3000 to see what the deep future will hold for our distant descendants…

we’ll start our journey into deep time via celluloid – with a series of clips curated by the ever-awesome Aorta Burst Film Club. expect synth-rock in strange caves, humans boxing with aliens in the year 4038, etc. Professor David Smith will look at rapid climate change in the ninth millennium, examining how ancient landslides changed the face of our planet and the forces that will do so again. Dennis Duncan, lecturer at Birkbeck College, will discuss nuclear semiotics and how we plan to communicate with people in the year 20,000 read more

science weekend at KXFS

August 2012

a weekend of science-leaning events at the King’s Cross Filling Station, a stunning new public space and pop-up restaurant on the Regent’s Canal read more

Exhibition Roadshow: Particles

Monday 30 July 2012

ever thought of building a particle accelerator at home
? no, us neither. join designer Patrick Stevenson-Keating and physicist Hideaki Page for an unmissable tutorial on how they did – without destroying the universe or themselves in the process. Patrick will recount the fascinating story of his two homemade accelerators while Hideaki reveals the underlying physics behind these beautiful, handcrafted inventions

please note talk has changed time and location: it will now take place at 6:30pm at 4 Cromwell Road. free, no booking required. part of our Exhibition Roadshow series

Exhibition Roadshow: Patterns

Saturday 28 July 2012

from beehives to crystals to soap bubbles, the hexagon is found throughout the natural world – but why is this? join super/collider and guests for a panel discussion inspired by artist Tomáš Libertiny’s bee-created art installation at The Exhibition Roadshow. pattern lovers and makers Patternity will be in conversation with the artist and Phillip Ball, author of several books about patterns in the natural world, to explore one of nature’s most intriguing designs

talk starts at 5:30pm on Saturday 28 July on Exhibition Road near Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2DD. free, no booking required. part of our Exhibition Roadshow series

Summer Solstice Party

Wednesday 20 June 2012 / 8pm

join us on the longest day of the year for an extended evening of music, conversation and sky worship on the roof of Shoreditch House in East London. Dr Andrew Gregory of University College London will be on hand to discuss what the summer solstice is and what it meant for ancient astronomers while pagan music will come courtesy of The Lovely Jonjo. if the sky is clear we’ll also take a look at Mars and the rings of Saturn through the telescope as the sun slowly sets beyond the western horizon

free for Shoreditch House members. our ticket allocation is now used up – to hear about future events why not subscribe

Science Fair™ – Can Thorium Save the World?

22 February 2012

Science Fair™ returns for a new school year with an evening dedicated to one of the great ‘what ifs’ of the modern world. back in the 1960s, a promising type of safer, cleaner nuclear reactors emerged – powered by an abundant element called thorium. could such designs have prevented climate change and reduced nuclear proliferation, and could this new breed of reactors still save the world? join super/collider and guests from the Weinberg Foundation as we explore the latest breakthroughs and screen the recent Motherboard documentary, The Thorium Dream

make your own terrarium workshop

Sunday 18 December 2011

join super/collider and botanically-inspired artist/illustrator Sister Arrow for a Christmas ‘make your own terrarium’ workshop. we’ll provide all the materials and inspiration you’ll need, including a range of scientific lab-grade glassware, then show you how to create a perfectly-balanced terrarium full of plants – a mini ecosystem to wrap up for someone super special

please note that spaces are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment

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The Moon at Luminous Books

Friday 25 November

East London’s loveliest and tiniest bookshop takes its name from the luminous orb in our sky, and celebrates the moon each year with a night of literary-leaning lunar worship. this year’s soirée will see readings by James Atlee (author of Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight) and Steve Moore (comic book guy and author of Somnium), alongside up close films and images of the lunar surface supplied by us

The Moon at Luminous Books / 6-9pm / free / 3.5 Frederick Terrace, London E8 4EW


All About: Science

28 September 2011

the first book in our new All About: Science series launches at The Landfill Library – a pop-up shop at Wiltons Café with new books by Landfill Editions and music from L-V-L and Burning Bush of TOP NICE. illustrated by our pals at Nous Vous, it’s all about crystals of every shape and size

All About: Science is a new series from Landfill Editions and super/collider, exploring the myriad worlds of science through the eyes of contemporary image makers



of the hundreds of photos taken by NASA astronauts on the Moon, we are familiar with only a tiny fraction. momentous images like the planting of the flag and the boot-in-the-dust have become so familiar as to now border on the mundane, while the sheer scale of the project revealed by the vast Apollo archive languishes unseen

super/collider’s APOLLO77 exhibition in 2009 explored the depths in the Apollo archives, presenting seven columns and eleven rows of photographs in a disused video shop as part of our Apollo +at+ Apollo event. in 2015, additional imagery will be added to the collection to form the basis of a book published by Loophole


Sunday 22 May 2011

The Book Club’s pre-eminent craft and science nites team up for a ‘crafternoon’ of bio-inspired arts & crafts. join us for a messy, hands-on session with the legendary Come Get Felt Up craft competition + music from Bright Star Catalogue & Come Get Felt Up DJs

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Space Camp: Kielder


July 2015

a group of explorers spent a weekend discovering the universe amid the darkness of Kielder Forest – which boasts some of the darkest skies in Europe and comprises the third largest protected Dark Sky reserve in the entire world. beyond the chance to escape the city and spend the weekend camping with a bunch of like-minded creative folks, this trip included:

• a late night observing session on Friday at the stunning Kielder Observatory – where we observed galaxies, clusters and nebulas as well as comets and other denizens of the outer solar system using the Observatory’s powerful telescopes
• a visit to Cat Cairn: The Kielder Skyspace by James Turrell
• an Aurora viewing at Kielder Observatory on Saturday
• a daytime solar astronomy session at Kielder Observatory
• free time for creative projects, photography, exploring, relaxing etc

Science Fair: Apollo’s end


Monday 31 January 2011

Guest: Dr Christopher Riley

forty years ago tonight, Apollo 14 blasted off from Kennedy Space Center, bound for the moon. six days later, the three-man crew landed in the Fra Mauro highlands, and spent nearly ten hours exploring the lunar surface. after the initial euphoria of Neil Armstrong’s first small steps and the drama of Apollo 13, this mission, along with the three subsequent landings, was largely ignored by the general public, marking the beginning of the end of Apollo

join us for the first Science Fair™ of the year as we explore these fascinating sojourns on the moon with Dr. Christopher Riley – a filmmaker specialising in science and the history of science, notably the Apollo missions. working alongside his colleague Stephen Slater, Chris has created a unique multimedia installation that will be playing in a separate room throughout the night. entitled Cone Crater, this 4-hour long film documents – in real time – an ill-fated walk by the Apollo 14 surface crew towards a nearby crater, and has never been shown before. as ever, Bright Star Catalogue will open and close out the night with an extended DJ set comprising Apollo mission audio, lunar soundscapes and live synth overlays

Science Fair ™ – space roxx special


18 October 2010

Dr Kieren Howard (Natural History Museum), Ruth Pearson (KCL) and Sophie Rose Asquith (artist) drop by The Book Club to celebrate the one year anniversary of super/collider’s pop science night with an all-day celebration of meteorites, comets and asteroids. you’ll have the chance to hold a genuine meteorite from space in your hands, and could win one to take home! from 10am we’ll be making paper space rocks and screening films, then the party gets started at 6pm with a special live/electronic set from Bright Star Catalogue. speakers from 7pm will discuss everything from asteroid mining to meteorite hunting, and if the sky’s clear we’ll pop outside to show you Comet Hartley-2 through a telescope

Science Fair: Rooftop astronomy party!

17 May 2010

Guests: Doug Daniels and friends from the Hampstead Scientific Society plus DJ Joe Muggs

super/collider’s monthly pop science soirée takes a fieldtrip to The Queen of Hoxton for a special rooftop astronomy party. astronomer Doug Daniels and friends from the Hampstead Scientific Society will be on on hand with their 6″ Maksutov Cassegrain telescope to show you the crescent moon, Venus, Mars, the rings of Saturn and its moon Titan with space jams provided by Joe Muggs (Club Cosmonaut/VeryVeryMuch.com)

Science Fair™ ~ Crystals


15 March 2010

Jolyon Ralph of Mindat.org joins Natural History Museum researcher Robin Armstrong for a hands-on look at nature’s most mind-blowing mineral formations – with a crystal-themed set by The Lovely Jonjo plus a grow-your-own crystals to take home session



Friday 22 May 2009

to kickstart our Apollo season, super/collider is proud to present the UK premiere of Orphans of Apollo, which tells the story of a group of space entrepreneurs who flew to Moscow in the late 1990s to takeover the Russian space station, MIR. after negotiating one of the most ambitious business deals on earth, they hired and launched a group of astronauts into space to visit the station – a momentous but often overlooked moment in history. though ultimately doomed, their bold plan set the stage for the current private space race and the space tourism industry. definitely one for space nerds, the screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director, Michael Potter

The Soho Hotel, 4 Richmond Mews (off Dean Street), London W1D 3DH | 7pm for a 7:30pm start

Apollo +at+ Apollo


June 2009

staged in a disused video shop conveniently called Apollo, one of super/collider’s first projects was a combination of art and music, featuring a mosaic of 77 lunar images arranged on the old DVD mounting system

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