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fifty years ago today, astronomers working at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory in Cambridge discovered an unusual signal coming from deep space: a steady, rhythmic pulse unlike anything seen before. the radio signal, which repeated every 1.33 seconds, seemly oddly unnatural and was soon nicknamed LGM-1 for “Little Green Men” by its discoverers, Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish, who briefly considered but then ruled out the possibility it had originated from some far-off extraterrestrial civilisation

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deep space


deep down in the depths of the Earth’s oceans lies a world in many ways more mysterious than outer space. blanketed by darkness and the crushing weight of billions of tons of seawater, this alien abyss is the focus of the Parley Deep Space Program, which we recently profiled for a special insert inside Dazed Magazine…

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104-page retrospective book (2006-2016)
first edition of 1000
170mm x 240mm
printed with vegetable-based inks on FSC-certified paper made from 100% post-consumer waste

in 2006 we published our first fanzine and began a journey into science and culture. from the depths of interstellar space to the limitless subatomic horizons of particle physics to the most beautiful places on our planet, we’ve been privileged to spend the past decade exploring the wonders and aesthetics of science from a creative standpoint

full of short stories and facts, ten is more than just a retrospective of our work. it’s a visual record of where science has taken us all in the last decade – told through 100 beautiful images from the worlds of astronomy, chemistry, mineralogy, physics, ecology, biology… and beyond

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profile: Lightning and Kinglyface

Lightning + Kinglyface

Lightning and Kinglyface are Anna Fulmine and Victoria Shahrokh, a team of designers whose work mixes the subtleties of design with scientific principles to create lush, dense and vivid objects, sets and exhibitions. based in Dalston, their work involves collaborations with photographers Thomas Brown and Ryan Hopkinson as well work with clients ranging from Bompas & Parr to Zaha Hadid. our new contributor Bobby Jewell spoke to them to find out more

so what are your backgrounds and why did you decide to work together?
we both met during our time at university in Epsom at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. we were studying graphic design and were becoming increasingly dissatisfied by the work that we were producing. so in a bid to create larger work that was straddling the worlds of art and design we began to look into theatre and set design. at the core of our partnership was this need to make three dimensional, creatively-inspiring, sculptural work. working as a duo helps in this sense because we are both constantly challenging one another and bringing new references to the pot. also it motivates both of us to have another person to answer to and discuss ideas with

your designs often influenced by science, what is it about these principles or ideas that inspire you?
there is something about the rigidity of science that guides our creative minds; theories that are set in stone that cannot be argued with, or tampered with. we like the continuity of science, the permanence of it for explaining our intriguing planet and perhaps some of our more philosophical and fantastical ideas. scientific ideas have visually been quite poorly represented for some time, which upsets us because the principles of science are so visual and so exciting and the overly intellectual world of science should be opened up to creative minds

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with Virgin Galactic and Y-3 collaborating on a new range of flightsuits and apparel, we take a closer look at the high-tech material inside…

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guest post: Fred Butler


Fred Butler is a multicoloured ball of energy who divides her time between accessories design, blogging, music and running. the latter has led her to a place in the London Marathon to raise money for The Music Circle and its protection projects for women in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo. along with her physical training, Fred is creating a visual diary of the colours of the DRC including a section on minerals curated in her typical rainbow style

all this month, we’ve been celebrating the beauty of crystals, but as Fred reminds us, minerals have a darker side too. in this guest post, she writes about the conflicts caused by our hunger for the Congo’s vast mineral wealth

you can see more of Fred’s work on her website and support her campaign here

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designs of the year


London’s Design Museum have revealed this year’s contenders for their annual Designs of the Year exhibition, opening next month. here are our top science(ish) picks…

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James Bridle

assembled by artist Gustav Metzger and curators Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, this year’s Serpentine Marathon will see dozens of leading artists, writers, scientists, musicians and intellectual types pondering the theme of extinction over the course of eighteen furious hours. science-y highlights for us science-y types range from talks by folks like UCL’s Professor Georgina Mace – who asks “Are We in the Midst of a Mass Extinction?” – and Astronomer Royal Martin Rees expanding on his book Our Final Century? to more art/science stuff like sonic de-extinction specialist Marguerite Humeau’s recreation of Cleopatra’s voice and artist Trevor Paglen – whose incredible work The Last Pictures is currently in geostationary orbit aboard an EchoStar communications satellite. throw in appearances by Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand, sound recording legend Chris Watson and eco-conscious model Lily Cole and it becomes a no-brainer: if you go to one nerd rave this year, make it this one

preview: T-R-E-M-O-R-S


when we heard ace art/chitecture magazine T-R-E-M-O-R-S had done a space issue, we couldn’t wait to see what they’d covered – so we got in touch. editor Maksymilian Fus Mickiewicz kindly shared an advance proof of the mag, which we’ve chosen some visual highlights from, and his thoughts on ‘why space?’ and ‘why now?’

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gareth pugh007

fashion designer Gareth Pugh’s SS14 collection arrived this week in a temporarily hot, tepid and chlorinated atmosphere created for the occasion inside Paris’ Palais de Tokyo – conditions reminiscent of what we’d find deep beneath Venus’ dense cloud cover. to mark the occasion, Dazed & Confused asked us for a scientific take on the proceedings

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from exquisite gemstones and the rings of Saturn to stripey tights and eye-popping prints, Patternity‘s first festival of pattern explores the enduring magnetism of stripes in all their forms. the jam-packed events programme includes workshops ranging from t-shirt printing to neuroscience, all investigating an aspect of this particular pattern

we’ve made a short film about stripes in space which will be screening on Sunday 14 April as part of science day

Material Matters


housing everything from delicate fulgurite structures created by lightning strikes to an ultra-dense ball of silicon nitride which can dent concrete, the Institute of Making is home to some of the world’s most wondrous substances. tomorrow, after years in an increasingly-crowded university basement, the collection and its curators are moving to a bigger, brighter more public space where you’ll be able to handle samples, experiment with new materials and create stuff in a state-of-the-art workshop read more

2O12 in 12 seconds

from the Transit of Venus, laser fusion and Himalayan glaciers to jellyfish, crystals and hypergiant stars, here are some of the images we transmitted via our weekly email this year, along with a few from the cutting room floor. we hope you’ve enjoyed – have a lovely holiday and we’ll meet you back here for more visual science in 2013
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people, places and space

out this week, Pharrell Williams’ new coffee table book with Rizzoli features the N*E*R*D/Neptunes producer in conversation with some pretty varied names – ranging from Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Design Miami founder Ambra Medda to Zaha Hadid and Buzz Aldrin. discussing style, green buildings and prefab architecture with the first three, he chats to the second man on the moon about all things outer space

TARA party!

Tara Party hosted by super/collider and AnOther

as part of the TARA’s recent stopover in London, super/collider and AnOther Magazine teamed up to host a little soirée on board the French environmental research ship, which is sponsored by fashion house agnès b

after some drinks and nibbles, captain Loic Vallette and chief scientist Chris Bowler gave a talk about the vessel’s recent plankton-sampling voyage before leading tours above and below decks. you can read our full piece for AnOther right here and scroll down to see Amelia Karlsen‘s lovely photographs of the evening

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a stylish and understated way of marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes courtesy of In God We Trust‘s collaboration with the Keep A Breast Foundation. the upside down heart is hand engraved and strung on an 18″ brass chain, and even comes with a retro pocket guide to boobie health

TARA tour and talk

20 September 2012

after a voyage of some 62,000 nautical miles, the French environmental research vessel TARA will be pulling into St Katharine Docks in London this week. we’ll be co-hosting an exclusive evening tour and talk onboard the ship with AnOther Magazine and scientists from the TARA’s recent plankton-collecting expedition. you’ll be among the first to get a look round this incredible floating laboratory, but spaces are very limited due to the size of the ship

this is a free event and tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis. click here if you’d like to attend and we’ll let you know on Tuesday September 18


after a voyage of more than 62,000 nautical miles, the French environmental research vessel TARA will next week dock in London as part of an ongoing educational sailing. we’ll be co-hosting an exclusive evening tour and talk onboard the ship with AnOther Magazine, and there are also a series of other events and an exhibition at the Covent Garden branch of agnès b, who have sponsored the two most recent expeditions: a two-year drift through the Arctic pack ice and a circumnavigation of the globe to study plankton. the following article appears in Issue 23 of AnOther, on newstands now

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science weekend at KXFS

August 2012

a weekend of science-leaning events at the King’s Cross Filling Station, a stunning new public space and pop-up restaurant on the Regent’s Canal read more

Exhibition Roadshow: Patterns

Saturday 28 July 2012

from beehives to crystals to soap bubbles, the hexagon is found throughout the natural world – but why is this? join super/collider and guests for a panel discussion inspired by artist Tomáš Libertiny’s bee-created art installation at The Exhibition Roadshow. pattern lovers and makers Patternity will be in conversation with the artist and Phillip Ball, author of several books about patterns in the natural world, to explore one of nature’s most intriguing designs

talk starts at 5:30pm on Saturday 28 July on Exhibition Road near Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2DD. free, no booking required. part of our Exhibition Roadshow series