star power

in the middle of the night, as the rest of America sleeps, a small group of physicists in California stand in a hushed control room. the clock steadily counts down towards zero and then, in a fraction of a second, everything happens at once

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what are you looking forward to in 2012?

to celebrate the arrival of 2012, super/collider  teamed up with our pals at Protein® to give you the chance to win one of their sleek Chromo-coded calendars – the perfect way to keep track of the final days of planet earth! read more

death from above

to mark the first month of the Mayan year of doom, super/collider will be publishing stories about and predictions for 2012 throughout January. we start with a look at one man’s efforts to save the world from cataclysm via a DIY asteroid observatory in rural Wales, originally published in Dazed & Confused

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welcome to 2012

wishing you all a cosmic New Year!

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closer to god

later today, researchers working at the Large Hadron Collider will host a seminar to (quote) provide an update on experimental progress over the last 12 months (end quote) at the Atlas and CERN experiments. and though the CERN press office says “we are told that there will be NO announcement confirming or refuting the existence of the Higgs boson” the rest of the world is buzzing about the possibility they’ve found hints of the elusive ‘God Particle’ read more