Skyhenges I–IV

Skyhenge IV

inspired by the geographical isolation of the tiny island of Inis Oírr and its sweeping views of the horizon, sea and sky, we’ve built a series of ephemeral astronomical installations for Drop Everything – a contemporary cultural biennale that takes place off the west coast of Ireland

Skyhenges I-IV consists of a number of temporary observing structures dotted around the island, with visitors encouraged to seek them out at specific times during the three-day event, which runs 23-25 May 2014. each piece varies in form, function and construction, but all are sited to highlight a celestial body or event at a specific time

inspired in equal part by the ancient astronomers who built monolithic observatories and modern artists like James Turrell and Charles Ross, the pieces seek to create a connection between people and sky – one that must be experienced firsthand. free and accessible to all, Skyhenges I-IV is purposefully simple and temporary in nature. created entirely from scavenged and found materials from the island, each will be disassembled and its components returned, recycled or reused after they have served their own, sky-specific purpose

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summer holidays


we’re out and about for the next month or so – visiting the island of Inis Oírr (above) to build an astronomical installation for Drop Everything, checking in with the Motherboard guys in Brooklyn and exploring the flora, fauna and geology of Acadia National Park