Growing The Future


January/February 2014

as a new year dawns, super/collider will be exploring crystal cities and biological fashion in a series of workshops at Selfridges as part of their upcoming Festival of Imagination – giving you the chance to get hands-on with two forward-thinking approaches to fashion and architecture

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plenty of cosmic happenings next week, starting with Nelly Ben Hayoun and Nahum Mantra’s ongoing Kosmica series at The Arts Catalyst with guests like Dr Jill Stuart, Alicia Framis and Jem Finer – artist in residence in the astrophysics department at Oxford University. next up, Science Fair™ drops by The Amwell Street Knocking Shop for a night of vintage shopping, astronomy, film and badge-making. and finally, if you’re up super early (or out super late) look out for a clutch of planets in the morning sky




despite being one of the key icons of the scientific world, the humble labcoat has changed little over the years – with the odd ‘zany’ exception. all that is set to change tonight, at the Bethnal Green WMC’s science night, when young designers present their take on this classic garment. it’s all part of the British Science Association’s National Science & Engineering Week, which continues into the weekend


_graphics: Kwik Sew / _montage: super/collider

haute tech

from high tech fashion to far out films, designer Hussein Chalayan is always firmly future-facing. a retrospective opening next Thursday at London’s Design Museum will showcase some of his creations over the years, including this dress and its 200 servo-driven lasers. check out SHOWstudio for Nick Knight’s video of the entire collection


_image: Hussein Chalayan ‘Readings’ dress

cold war

if you live in London and you haven’t checked out the Cold War Modern exhibition at the V&A yet, you’ve got until Sunday before it moves on to Italy in March. worth tracking down for an impressive dose design and culture from 1945-1970, it includes a real Soviet model of Sputnik, experimental spacesuits, clips from films like 2001, fashion from Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabane plus all manner of futuristic architectural utopias, from Superstudio and Archigram to lesser-known Soviet and Japanese plans for dome cities, modular living and high rise towers. if super/collider was an exhibition, this would be it


_still from 2001: A Space Odyssey courtesy of the V&A


with Brighton thinking of joining the likes of Modbury and San Francisco in banning plastic bags, 2007 may well go down as the ‘Year of the Canvas Bag’. following offerings from Anya Hindmarch and Lauren Bush, the latest in eco-friendly carriers comes from Progress Packaging’s Re-Bag exhibition, featuring work by artists including Supermundane (left)


_canvas bag by Supermundane

fashion fwd

just published in paperback, Fashioning The Future is a themed look at futuristic fashion ranging from freaky stuff like Chanel’s branded skin (pictured) to the latest in tech/couture. chapters covering shape-shifting skirts, talking T-shirts and invisible coats sit alongside vintage images, illustrations and easily-digestible sidebars and quotes


_with creations by Victor & Rolf (pictured), Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, Hamish Morrow and others, the only glaring exception is Gareth Pugh, whose luminous dresses and stealth bomber shapes surely point to a tech/fashion future beyond sewing an iPod into your sleeve

_the book seamlessly traces the history of technology’s influence of fashion, with examples from each chapter covering early pioneers of spray-on clothing, plastic dresses and, naturally, bubble helmets



“My ideas for the future came from my love for crystals and the magnifying qualities they have,” says fashion designer Christopher Kane of his contribution to the ICA’s All Tomorrow’s Pictures project. “I wanted to capture perfection using the crystal to magnify and multiply the faces of women I consider beautiful and perfect”

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in the future, will we all laze around on plastic chairs wearing foil skirts? will wraparound shades ever make a comeback? find out Monday at the Dana Centre, where futurologists from BT, the Environment Agency and The Big Ideas Project will discuss how technological change could affect our lives in the years ahead


_photo: super/collider