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✺ solar eclipse expedition


14-22 August 2017

join a small group of creative explorers as we travel across the spectacular deserts, forests and mountains of Western America to witness one of nature’s most incredible sights: a total solar eclipse

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the cosmic desert


stretching more than 7000 square kilometres across the barren deserts of Western Tunisia, Chott el Djerid is a vast salt lake that extends to the stars. an ‘endorheic’ basin, it floods in winter with rainwater and run-off from the distant Atlas Mountains, with dissolved minerals forming delicate pinks, soft greens, baby blues and other subtly beautiful colours. as spring turns to summer, crystalline structures emerge as the fierce Saharan heat turns the shallow waterways into glittering desert once more…

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Worlds in Transit

June 2012

super/collider and Floda 31 invited a group of artists, filmmakers, astronomers, photographers, choreographers and curators to join us in the Swedish wilderness to witness a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event: the transit of Venus. from our pristine vantage point amid the forests and fields, we watched as the planet passed between the earth and the sun – its tiny black disk revealing the true scale of the solar system

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2016 Icelandic expedition

photo by Tom Sewell

7-12 September 2016

as late summer lingers over the North Atlantic, join a small group of like-minded creative explorers as we travel across, around and underneath Iceland in search of the Northern Lights and other natural wonders in our most ambitious Icelandic adventure to date

amid the stark beauty of the country’s surreal landscapes, we’ll spend the dark nights watching for the Aurora Borealis and the days exploring the country’s geological, volcanic and natural diversity. we’ll hike to towering glaciers, visit slumbering volcanoes, watch erupting geysers, relax in natural hot springs, venture behind tumbling waterfalls and descend under the surface of Iceland’s constantly shifting topography

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Space Camp: Kielder


July 2015

a group of explorers spent a weekend discovering the universe amid the darkness of Kielder Forest – which boasts some of the darkest skies in Europe and comprises the third largest protected Dark Sky reserve in the entire world. beyond the chance to escape the city and spend the weekend camping with a bunch of like-minded creative folks, this trip included:

• a late night observing session on Friday at the stunning Kielder Observatory – where we observed galaxies, clusters and nebulas as well as comets and other denizens of the outer solar system using the Observatory’s powerful telescopes
• a visit to Cat Cairn: The Kielder Skyspace by James Turrell
• an Aurora viewing at Kielder Observatory on Saturday
• a daytime solar astronomy session at Kielder Observatory
• free time for creative projects, photography, exploring, relaxing etc