about us


science x culture

founded in 2006, super/collider is an independent agency based in London. working in and with people from the creative industries, we explore science from a pop cultural standpoint – bringing its wonders to new audiences through public events, worldwide expeditions, self-published books and curated products



Chris Hatherill – founder
Melanie King – co-director
Louise Beer – co-director

we'd like to thank all the people who have contributed their time and energy to super/collider over the years, including but not limited to Rod Stanley, John Hooper, Thomas Sadler, Zara Mirza, Regina Peldszus, Abby Schlageter, Melissa Ramos, Zack Hobler, Jolyon Ralph, Viola Schmidt, Katinka Schaaf, Annelise Nelson, Emma Hargadon, Sandra Berghianu, Michael Ainsley and Bright Star Catalogue