a moon gathering

join us next week for an intimate evening at Lumen Studios with artist Ellie Tsatsou and special guests. her Moon Series is a sequence of soft photographs of Earth's natural satellite, with the intention to allude the sense of scale of our known universe and to note a broader, wider perspective on life. as observed from various places of our planet, and by preserving the moon's perceived size as seen by the naked human eye, these photographs act as an invite to stargaze, intuit, gather and wonder

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Ellie Tsatsou is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist whose work explores wonder, notions of home and intuition through the use of digital and analogue photography, film, editing and writing. she mentored with photographers Nick Knight (London, 2011/12) and Ryan McGinley (New York, 2013/14), and her body of work draws references from the minimalism of her homeland’s philosophical cores and the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. she recently exhibited Moon Series as part of A Shade of Pale, curated by Carrie Scott, at 180 Strand in London. her photographs are part of private collections in Washington DC, New York, London, Athens and Paris.