black holes and neutron stars

join us at the Ace Hotel Downtown LA for an evening exploring black holes and neutron stars, some of the most mind-boggling objects ever conceived by physicists. As the remnants of dead stars and the engines at the centres of whole galaxies, they are key to our understanding of the universe. But they are tiny on cosmic scales and dark and so cannot be simply seen through an optical telescope.  How can astrophysicists observe something that is, on the first glance, invisible? In this talk, Victoria will discuss the approaches we have developed and some of the most groundbreaking observations we obtained in the recent years - or expect to obtain soon.

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Dr. Victoria Grinberg is an astrophysicist at University of Tübingen, Germany. Previously, she has worked at MIT, USA, and at ESA, the European Space Agency, in the Netherlands. In her work, she uses data from space based observatories such as NASA's Chandra or ESA's INTEGRAL to understand some of the most extreme objects in our universe - neutron stars, black holes and the most massive giant stars. She is also especially interested in the intersection of (astro)physics, language and art.

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