book launch: An Introduction To Isomorphology


amongst nature’s endless array of forms, functions and designs a series of repeating patterns and similarities have emerged over the eons. following countless hours spent drawing natural specimens, artist Gemma Anderson has developed an elegant approach to classification based on these forms and symmetries. Isomorphology, as she has termed it, bridges the divide between art and science – offering a new way of looking at the natural world and the uncoventional relationships between species. in this visual introduction, Anderson sets out her case with examples from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms

this book has now sold out, but you can download a free PDF version right here


launch event: Saturday 23 March 2013

join us at EB&Flow Gallery in Shoreditch for the launch of Gemma Anderson's An Introduction To Isomorphology. Gemma will be in conversation with mathematicians Tom Coates and Dorothy Buck talking about things like the topology of symplectic manifolds and algebraic varieties followed by drinks and the chance to see her ongoing exhibition

talk starts at 4:30pm | EB&Flow is located at 77 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

other upcoming Isomorphology events include an artist talk at the Natural History Museum on Friday 14 March and a workshop at the Grant Museum of Zoology on Thursday 21 March