Liberty Sunset  by Seana Gavin

Liberty Sunset by Seana Gavin

Seana Gavin and super/collider are delighted to announce a new series of limited-edition prints created exclusively using vintage books from our office library

Seana's three collage pieces draw inspiration from anthropology, space exploration, mineralogy, botany, astronomy and other themes frequently explored by super/collider, but transform hard science into a series of otherworldly landscapes – strange realms devoid of a fixed time and place

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Planetoid Life  by Seana Gavin

Planetoid Life by Seana Gavin

“Science, astronomy and nature have always been at the core of my work,” she says. “When I was child growing up in Woodstock, New York – surrounded by mountainous scenery – I became obsessed with my father’s shelves of 60s visionary art books and science fiction novels. I have early memories of hearing stories of UFO sightings and other strange things in the town. This was also when I began my collection of crystals and minerals, as well as the origin of my fascination with life beyond our planet.”

The series was inspired by our mutual love of vintage science books, world encyclopaedias, children’s fact books and other educational treasures. Like all her work, no digital techniques were used to create the three pieces: Planetoid Life, Liberty Sunset and Time Traveller. in these meticulous, hand-cut works, Gavin repositions and reimagines Earth and space-based people, plants and objects as new forms, creating surreal new worlds at once familiar and far removed from our own.

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Time Traveller  by Seana Gavin

Time Traveller by Seana Gavin