Women of Rock


25 September – 30 October 2015

private view 24 September
Print House Gallery 18 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL

over the past few years a distinctly female fascination with geology, minerals and meteorites has emerged. in this mixed media group show, creative science agency super/collider showcases some of the beguiling results

Regine Petersen’s Find a Fallen Star and Sophie Rose Asquith’s Sylacauga 1954, Thixendale 2013 examine extraterrestrial geology – fragments of distant asteroids and their interactions with humanity when they strike the Earth. venturing underground, Flora Parrott’s Fixed Position explores the caves of Brazil while Carly Waito’s meticulous oil paintings of crystals reveal a deeply-held fascination with the natural treasures that arise under immense pressure and time. similarly, Jessica Herrington’s crystal and rock inspired sculptural works exude a playful understanding of the processes that shape our planet. Rachelle Bussières’ abstract works display distinctly geological overtones, with her unique solarised gelatin silver prints in particular questioning the relationship between photography chemistry, architecture and geology. Ilana Halperin’s intricate Physical Geology traces the artist’s geologic journeys up volcanos, under the sea and into the human body while Meike Nixdorf’s Your World Transforms uses a combination of rendered imagery and photography to examine how geological changes are often invisible on human timescales and, indeed, undesirable in a world where we prefer to see the Earth as a constant in our lives

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opening reception: 6-9pm on 24 September 2015 with a special ‘Women of Rock’ playlist curated by BEAT Magazine