expeditions FAQ


why are your trips called ‘expeditions’?
our fieldtrips aim to take you beyond what tourists experience. we like visiting remote sites, going behind-the-scenes at scientific facilities and staying in amazing locations, and that sometimes means long drives, long hikes and nights spent in basic facilities like research stations, mountain huts and youth hostels. they’re not expeditions in the classic ‘carry everything on your back and walk out into the wilderness’ sense, but they’re not exactly luxury ‘lie on a beach’ holidays either

do I need to be in good shape?
if you’re in reasonable shape and can hike for more than 2-3 hours you’ll do fine. if you have restricted mobility or other special requirements just let us know and we’ll do our best to tailor an experience around your abilities

new: starting in 2018, all of our expeditions will feature an morning running and yoga session! 😅

what should I bring?
each expedition varies – we’ll share a packing list long before you fly. remember you must arrange your own comprehensive travel insurance before departure and share your policy provider/number with us in advance.

we highly recommend bringing a camera, drone, easel or something to capture your experience 📸

what can I expect on the expedition?
each of our trips is different, but in general we aim to combine awesome, creative people, scientific and natural learning and plenty of fresh air and exercise

we are very lucky in that we always seem to get amazing people joining us. we've also been fortunate to have unexpected, incredible experiences: visiting the beach at Biosphere 2 in the Arizona desert, getting caught in a six mile sheep traffic jam in Iceland, having an impromptu wine and cheese picnic inside a telescope on a volcano in Tenerife, and witnessing the Transit of Venus in Sweden

whichever expedition you join, expect a mix of interesting, curious people traveling with you, time and inspiration to work on creative projects and the chance to learn about science, geology and nature in each area we visit

what are the trips called things like ‘Iceland V’ and ‘Tenerife II’?
as with scientific expeditions, each time we go somewhere we explore new places and learn more. if we return somewhere, we add another Roman numeral to the title. the higher the number, the more experience we have in that region

what happens if I need to cancel?
cancellations, changes and all the boring legal stuff is all covered in our terms and conditions – be sure to take a look before booking