psilocybin mushrooms, better known as magic mushrooms, have been part of human culture for millennia. the fungi can be found all over the world and archaeological evidence for their usage includes cave-art paintings at the Tassili caves in southern Algeria from 7000 to 9000 years ago, and mushroom stone statues in Pre-Columbian South America dating to 1800BC

though it's almost daunting to think of the countless journeys and experiences people throughout time must have had on these substances, one thing about the drug will always be universal – it is beyond tedious to listen to someone talk to you about their psychedelic trip

that’s why Senscapes, a creative multidisciplinary collaboration which explores the neuroscience behind these hallucinogens, is a such a refreshing take on psilocybin. using experimental recordings of the brain waves from a study of a volunteers undergoing a psilocybin experience, musician Joe Barnby and artist Abigail Fletcher used novel technologies to translate the brain waves of one participant into a 30-minute immersive audio-visual experience

equal parts meditative, cymatic and heated, Harmonics of the Mind is a lush work that pushes the boundaries of how science, art and psychedelics can influence with and influence each other

text: Bobby Jewell